Autumn Resolutions

I read this article about setting autumn resolutions on the Atlantic the other day and it was hard to dismiss. I’ve been mulling over it and now took the time to reflect back on my New Years resolutions, and see if they really applied to my life right now and for the rest of 2014. Some did, others did not. The ones that didn’t carry over from earlier this year did seem grand at the time but it was really before I even knew what I was getting into for this year with my mind still in holiday gear. Now that I’m in the thick of the year, I would like to set autumn resolutions. Autumn is the beginning of a new chapter for a lot of people: anyone returning to school, anyone starting their jobs after school, starting a new job after the budget has been made and so on. So why not set resolutions in the fall? They can be completely new ones (in addition to or instead of the goals set in January), edited ones, or the same ones that maybe you need to remind yourself of. I say go for it!