Ray Roberts Lake

We the campers strike again. On a constant hunt to find the best camping sites for backpacking, car camping and group camping Jon and I tried out Ray Roberts Lake State Park outside Denton, TX. What a huge lake, and after a nice long hike along the shoreline and poking through some trails we think we found the ideal sites for the park for next time with friends. Sometimes it’s nice to do things, just the two of us, and what better to do than get away from it all and venture into ┬áthe outdoors. Here’s a peek at our weekend:

Ray Roberts Lake

my, what large teeth you have!

where you go, I will go

follow me

great success for a beautiful weather weekend

best part of camping: the fire. Why are there no pictures of our awesome campfire you ask, because my hands were full of campfire pizza:

Store-bought personal pizza crust + sauce + cheese + toppings all wrapped in foil and placed on the hot coals. Brilliant.