Music Tribute

Tribute to a man who needs no other explanation besides his name, Johnny Cash.

Found this cool video on one of my favorite tumblrs and wanted to share it with yall. I think the first song performed by Brandon Flowers is my favorite.



If you were to do a tribute to Johnny Cash, what song would you choose?


She deserves her own post

This is a Kira post so if you don’t like puppy pictures turn away now before its too late but then what kind of person would you be?? I have been fortunate enough to live with Kira for about 6 months now and have racked up some good pictures of her, many of them are her sleeping because that’s when she’s not bouncing off the walls. A lot of stuff is going on recently with moves and busy schedules so just to stop in and say hi real quick while things are in the works, I bring you puppy pictures of miss Kira who turns one soon.

puppy hasn't grown into her paws. or ears.

puppy hasn’t grown into her paws. or ears.


is this how you’re supposed to be?


always modest…


at least she doesn’t share pillows?


hi there.


did the bed shrink or did someone get bigger?


big girl bed for a big girl


determined to make it work somehow


it took the trail of toys that crosses the room but she’s out


saying goodnight to her dad


Success. Kindof.


And goodnight everyone

Changes ahead


I know there has been what may seem like an inexcusable absence from the blog and that is all going to change.

This past year I took on a research position at Texas A&M and became part of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Program that ultimately took hold of most of my time (a thesis was involved… talk about time consuming). Now it’s the end of my senior year and I’m graduating and will have more time to dedicate to this blog that I enjoy so much. Jon has joined the Army and we look forward to sharing as much as we can about his time in service.

A very cute change to our lives is Kira.

Oh sweet puppy face

Oh sweet puppy face

She’s a little over 6 months old and we’re not entirely sure all what breeds she is. We do know that she is cute and would love it if we could play 24/7. And maybe let her chew on our hands more.

Here’s another picture of her because she is in fact so cute. She decided to take a nap after a long trip in the car, this was her choice of sleep positions. The only word to describe this is derpy.



For more pictures of Kira check out our Flickr account!

We have learned a lot through this past year and hope to share with you the new experiences that we’ve been through and what’s next for us!

…these are a few of my favorite things

I actually hate the Sound of Music. So technically that musical is not one of my favorite things but I like the title and although I’m not afraid during a storm (one of my favorite things ironically), I am surrounded by wonderful tidbits that make me happy. Just looking around my room I am reminded of what is good in life:

a little gift from my mom

my cork collection waiting for me to do something with it

flowers from my Valentine

chevron socks on a chilly day, watching all my shows online (total is now 7) just try and stop me

getting my parent's 35 mm from the 80s to learn how to use!!

if anyone knows of a good tutorial or learn-how for the basics of a 35 mm it would be much appreciated! I really want to use it to it’s best ability.

Oh and in case you weren’t singing it already:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten… and we all know the res.

The stars at night are big and bright…

DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! Get ready for some serious bragging to happen. It’s the only way to talk about TEXAS. And yeah, I’ll probably put TEXAS in all caps every time because in my head I can hear Jon saying it in a thick (unnatural though) Texas accent. Jon and I were talking about starting a website kindof like TFM or MLIA or FML where you just put your phrase about Texas, followed by, TEXAS! We started listing some like: Rick Perry, TEXAS! Grass is greener, Koolaid is stronger, TEXAS! “Texas toast you might have heard of it, if not you’re gay”, TEXAS! (you have to quote that Texas Marine video) and silly things like that… But it got me thinking how much we do have to brag about here in Texas. We obviously have the best state and we are so glad to call it home. Texas gave us by far the best music: George Strait, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson, Ghostland Observatory, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen, and Roger Creager. You can take a road trip and never leave your own state but see Enchanted Rock, the Hillcountry, Frio River and Garner State Park, Big Bend, and cities like Austin for the hippies, Houston for the money, Dallas for the Cowboys, San Antionio for the Spurs and the river walk, Gruene for history, Amarillo for the Palo Duro Canyon, Galveston or Corpus Christi or Padre Island for the beach. And don’t even get me started on the food… so good. Tex-Mex, best Bar-B-Q EVER and steaks and seafood and just everything that is good. Forget NY chefs, they cannot make tamales like they do down here. Not to mention, the first class school of Texas A&M calls this grand state its home.

God Bless Texas

To get you in the mood for loving Texas,

My new favorite song about Texas

Ready for Fall


What I’m looking forward to for the autumnal season:
Sweaters & Fleeces, Cords, Coats, Scarves and Boots!
My Birthday (21 FINALLY!) and Halloween (I think I’m going as Katy Perry)
Carving pumpkins
and the foods of fall: Soups, Pumpkin flavors, sweet potatoes, Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks
Am I missing anything?
Lets get with the program and embrace the season Texas!
ps- this is my first “inspiration board” to make… I’ll get better I swear.

Lazy Friday

Nothing like the SNL song “Lazy Sunday” because Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell aren’t here with cupcakes BUT it has been just as unproductive. After a stressful week filled with tests and migraines, what is the best way to relax? Low-grade zombie movies on Netflix and yummy brownies. Seeing as I have been forced to watch my share of cheap zombie movies with Jon, we have come to a few conclusions if a zombie attack does occur:

1. You need a get-out-of-town gun (machetes are useful too)

2. Zombies can’t open doorknobs… no matter what movie, they just can’t

3. Eyeballs are definitely the grossest thing to see someone (alive or zombie-fied) lose grossgrossgrossgrossgross

But brownies are delicious.