Intergalactic Trip

A little past due… but Halloween weekend + Ghostland Observatory = amazing time.

Let me break it down for you, Ghostland can have kindof a strange group of followers due to their electro-indie music and then it was Halloween so everyone had a reason to go all out and dress up and go to Warehouse Live in Houston. On the way in, a guy dressed up as Stalin cut me in line, apparently even Stalin’s imposters are jerks! But the concert was definitely worth pushing our way through the crowd and dealing with some rude people, that’s life. Ghostland is by far my favorite to see live, especially with their light show. I have to apologize for most of my pictures are of the lights and Ghostland is just shadows… but you get the feel of the place right?? I wish I had got a picture of the grown man that tried to start a fight with Jon… he had a little too short of a temper to be at a concert with a bunch of excited (and younger) people. To transition from Sad Sad City it was time to “take an intergalactic trip” to somewhere new… the Silver City! He goes into this really long monologue about the trip, something about lights and travel and time… Anyways greatest intro to one of their greatest songs. And the keyboardist wears a Texas Flag Cape, no big deal, just has to represent his and everyone’s favorite state.

Ghostland Observatory

lights lights lights

so much energy on stage

it just happened this way... could not NOT post it

Go see them when you get a chance!


Hi-Lights of ACL 2011

ACL 2011 Hi-lights:

Our Group: Jon, Me, Caroline, Davis, and Frank down front
Cold War Kids and the Nuisance Puppet
Pretty Lights
Nothing But Blue Sky
Except When It Rains
lazy day
The Man Worth Waiting For… Skrillex
See Ya Next Year

What is going on here… Day 3

Call us old, call us party poopers or whatever you want, but by ACL Day 3, we were worn out, tired, sore, and feeling quite lazy, so we made it a nice and relaxing day. No rushing to the stage, no standing for an hour to see an artist, no elbowing people out of your view (I would never). It was all about bumbling around and sitting and laying down, just enjoying the music and getting some excellent people watching of Austin’s finest in. Started with Chiddy Bang, who I actually knew quite a few of their songs and never knew it was them, very enjoyable. Then we mingled our way over to Joseph Arthur for some impressive vocals and lyrics, definitely someone to look into. Saw a little bit of Gomez, but Amy’s Oreo ice-cream was the more pressing issue, then waited for Empire of the Sun. I don’t know where to begin for Empire of the Sun… I knew they were weird just by looking at their cover art and pictures, I like their music though, kinda like MGMT, but nothing could ever prepare me for what happened on stage… No idea what was going on and it distracted me from the music because I like a lot of their songs but I was confused… It was like a weird tribal acid-trip with sparkles and feathers and robots. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? So we left and caught some Social Distortion before heading out and going back to the lovely College Station. That wraps it up for ACL 2011 for us! Thanks Austin, it’s been fun!

Now time to recuperate.

Fancy Footwork: Day 2

ACL Day 2 was ridiculous. Started out with Young the Giant, then a loooooong wait for Skrillex (that was completely worth it despite no good pictures) and then ended the night with CHROMEO (lots of pictures). Young the Giant is so good live, the lead singer has a lot of energy and is all over the place, it made for a good show. Then, with a long wait before Skrillex, we saw the end of Alexander (who is good, need to look into them more) and then standing for an hour surrounded by middle-schoolers. It was full of bass, a quick tempo and dancing in the rain. Then we went to Chromeo, a much older crowd (thank goodness) and Chromeo is just entertaining all around, they had an awesome show. The glowing legs on the keyboards just tops it all off.┬áThis is where a dispute happens, I think Skrillex was the best show, while Jon thinks Chromeo was the best show. Agree to disagree. My legs are sore from dancing, that’s how much fun Saturday was.

Pictures and videos will come up when I get back home where there cord is (woopsies). Ready for Day 3!

Bow in the Presence of Greatness: Day 1

ACL Day 1! Success. We went about it the right way this time, learned from experience, and got CamelBaks. The wristbands are awesome this year, they made them fabric again! As soon as we got there we met up with friends at Cold War Kids, always good. Then spent time between Damian Marley/Nas and Foster the People before PRETTY LIGHTS! Pretty Lights is who I, personally, came to see. Lights, Bass, Beats, more lights, and definitely more bass. Next, hi-light of the day for Jon, KANYE! Kanye West lived up to his reputation. The show was broken into 3 parts and we were lucky because “you’ll never hear this many hits on one stage”. He put on a really great show with crazy dancers, lights, and all his biggest songs. Best part, when he closed Part II with ALL OF THE LIGHTS, Jon’s personal favorite, we stayed JUST to hear that one song and it was totally worth it. Overall Day I was good, we came halfway through and still got to see the people we wanted. Looking forward to Day II of this madness!

Pictures and videos to come soon!