Cinnamon Swirl Bread

First of all, cinnamon is a tricky word to spell. There’s not two “m”s like I previously thought and if this was handwritten and there was not spell check then you all could laugh at my misspelling, but no such luck today. Secondly, this bread will mean you no longer need to go to the store and buy that store bought stuff anymore. In fact you will snub your nose at that stuff because your bread is so superior to it. And your apartment/kitchen/house will spell like sweet cinnamony goodness. I got the recipe from the blog Eat.Live.Run. I got hooked on this blog when I tried her recipe to make cauliflower taste good, it worked, and now I trust her because she basically worked a miracle. I followed her recipe for whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread with very little tweaking.

1. I used vanilla soy milk. It’s what I had on hand and it made absolutely no difference. So if you’re hesitant or don’t have regular milk on hand, no worries my friend.

2. After the dough is mixed with the paddle attachment for 6-8 minutes, I switched to the dough hook and sprinkled in a couple pinches of flour and kneaded for like 5 minutes more until it became an actual ball and was actually tacky without being sticky.

3. I baked it for closer 30-32 minutes and let it rest in the pan for 5 minutes before letting it cool on a rack. The top was getting really browned and I knew it would cook the bottom half even after I took it out. This of course differs with everyone’s oven and preference.

you see that swirl? yeah I did that
you see how half the loaf is gone? yeah I did that too

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!