Quick Life Update

Hi friends,

It’s been forever, I know, and a lot has changed and there hasn’t been a lot of stability around us recently so most of my time and energy has been going into trying to create a sense of “home”. So where have we been? What have we been up to? Here’s a quick life update on Jon and I so we’re all on the same page and hopefully you can excuse my absence.

First and foremost, Jon and I got married in April 2015. Two days later, I moved out to Georgia where Jon was currently stationed. That lasted a whole five months then we moved to North Carolina where Jon is permanently stationed as long as he is in the military.

Now that we’re more settled and spring is coming up, we’re hoping to explore North Carolina and get to share our travels with you. I will also continue to post book reviews because books = life.

I may have not been posting on here but if you would like to see little snapshots of our life in Georgia and NC,  you can check out my Instagram!

Peace and Blessings,

Rachel & Jon & Kira


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