Thanksgiving in Colorado

Welcome to 2015!

I am far behind on uploading pictures and posting something new so I’d thought I’d try and capture your interest with a peak into my Thanksgiving with Jon and his dad in the foothills of Colorado. His dad moved up on Conifer Mountain around 8000 feet above sea level with a view of Pikes Peak from his front porch and I immediately came down with post-mountain depression upon my return to Texas. Let’s take a looksy and see how jealous you get.

On Friday Jon and I hiked to the top of Conifer Mountain (where the marker is so it definitely counts as summiting) and I was a little worried when I got winded just climbing to the top of the driveway but my years of swimming and then running came to my rescue and my lungs decided to work with me so I could take in this view:




Pikes Peak in the distance


bear sighting on top of Conifer Mountain

Pikes Peak from his dad’s porch. And no, there is no way that this view gets old.


On Saturday we went out to one of Colorado’s newer state parks, Staunton State Park, for a hike. I was so ready for this hike thanks to Jon’s dad being a gear guru, something about working for PMI and volunteering on a mountain rescue team for years made me trust his advice, I dunno. Where we started was about 8000 feet up and then up up up we climbed.


some Colorado pride

If I remember this correctly, I believe this one is called Mt. Baldy and is a popular climbing spot.


I’ve always liked the line from Pride and Prejudice “What are men to rocks and mountains” and without getting to John Muir-ish philosophical on you, that line could not be more true. I have always been humbled going up into the mountains because you immediately know that you are not the big-shot you think you are, in the best way possible.




this is Colorado in the “ugly season” according to Jon’s dad…

why yes… those are some snow-capped Rockies you see down there. Have I convinced you to pack your bags yet?

this is the highest we went and it was well worth the huffing and puffing

this is the highest we went and it was well worth the huffing and puffing

Thanks to our guide dog and the newest member of the Hauser family, Gabe. Part rotty, part lab and a whole lot of love and couch-potato. He was a trooper on this hike.

DSC01855Until next time Colorado! Thanks for letting me put my new hiking boots to good use.








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