Book Review: Wild

A very honest memoir to reflect a life that was torn apart and then pieced back together. After her mother’s death, her family members scattering after the death, and her marriage falling apart Cheryl Strayed decides to take on the Pacific Coast Trail. She had no experience as a long-distance hiker and really no preparation for what lie ahead but she took it on alone in hopes that it would put the pieces of herself back together.

Spoilers coming…

My review of the book: Meh. I guess I had higher expectations for such a daunting task after being broken into pieces after tragedy but this did not deliver. I don’t know how harsh that is to say, seeing it is a memoir and what’s being said actually happened but it didn’t seem like she actually took away all that she could from that experience. I got so tired of her as a narrator. She was in amazing scenery, surrounded by nature and few material distractions and all she could think about was sex. That was disappointing to me. Sex, the last time she had sex, who she wanted to have sex with, then she had sex with a stranger and then talked some more about it. Oh and the last time she did heroin (right before the trip). Just great…

This was an incredibly empowering achievement to do this by herself and she had the right motive but it just seemed to me that she couldn’t get past the immediate needs, the superficial needs instead of what was to come out of this hike, how this was going to help her or bring her clarity or some kind of enlightenment. I hope she got what she needed from the hike because I’ll never really know from her account. I did enjoy what scenery she did describe and the account about the fellow hikers and her few encounters with the wildlife but they were few and far between. I guess I’ll just stick to Kerouac and Krakauer. It got good ratings on GoodReads here.

Has anyone else read Wild and have a different review? Anyone have this on their To-Read list? I read it for a book-club I’m in.

Happy reading!


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