Book Review: The Book Thief

Book review of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I tried my best not to give anything away!

Note the cover I have but wish I did!

Fascinating. That’s the best word I can use to describe this book but I want to use so much more than that. From the first page you know that this will not be what you were expecting. Without giving anything away, because I want others to enjoy the shock of finding out who the narrator is when they read the first page too, it is a point of view that I had not considered for this time frame before. We’ve seen the perspective of the Jewish people, the Germans, the Americans, and other participants and observers but never before from this point of view. Through the eyes of someone who dealt with the havoc as their sole responsibility and with such a personal touch.

The writing is exquisite. It’s dark. It’s poetic. It brings out the literary nerd inside of you that wants to hi-light and underline and to be given a reason to repeat that line! To anyone! That happens in every chapter. But you have to appreciate the comedic relief Zusak brings. It’s not feel-good humor. None of that. It’s like wincing as you stifle a life. But it’s there to lighten the mood as you start to feel too depressed. It’s a realistic portrait of life. Interjected into a reality painted so thoughtfully are the blunt matter-of-fact details of deaths of characters. You know it’s coming and the narrator does not let you forget it.

You follow the life of Liesel, a girl growing up outside of Munich during the rise of Nazi Germany, who has a talent for thievery that keeps her sane during this hectic time in history. This talent and a love of books connects her to people and gives her power and security.

I’ve heard you either love or hate it. It’s a kind of story. I personally loved it and have been shouting it from the rooftops. Hope you give it a chance!

Any opinions from someone who didn’t like it? Opinions from someone who loved it as much as I did?


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