Wedding Inspiration

Over a year away but the inspiration and big dreaming have not stopped for the very big day- the wedding day. My dream: a springtime affair with southern elegance. Translation: lots of flowers and lots of southern charm-monograms, lace, bow-ties, sweet tea and the best company you can find.

Here’s something pretty to look at so you know what’s going through my head:

dream big

dream big

Color scheme: spring green, light gray, navy, and peony pink

Flowers: peonies and anemones and throw in some hydrangeas and I’m a happy girl

As for the VW bus… nothing says our personality more than than that, honest. HOW FUN!

Austin area people: do you know where/from whom I can rent a VW bus for a special evening?

I have officially been bitten by the wedding bug-maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just bought my wedding dress! Oh happy day! Thank you to Geri at Alexia Gavela for helping me find my dress!


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