2014 Reading List

I will say this, yes it’s been almost a year now (eek), but one of the perks of being out of school is having the time to read what I like. The list is only growing but these are my picks for this year:

1. Thirty Girls (Susan Minot)–because your heart should break for even those you can’t and don’t know

2. A Marker to Measure Drift (Alexander Maksik)–to delve into emotions that have been hiding

3. The Dogs Are Eating Them Now (Graeme Smith)–to change the way you see a publicly displayed involvement

4. The Owl That Fell From The Sky (Brian Gill)–because I like museums and you should too

5. Inferno (Dan Brown)–to get lost in the suspenseful puzzle of it all

6. Dispatches (Michael Herr)–to not forget how our past reflects on our present

7. Dreaming In French (Alice Kaplan)–because sometimes you need some woman power and not to be depressed when reading

8. An Officer And A Spy (Robert Harris)–if you like Erik Larson like I do


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