Monogram Design

I will be getting a new last name in a little over a year from now! Which means, a whole new monogram! But I haven’t been working on just mine. I’ve been working on a monogram for Jon and I. Maybe to appear somewhere in the wedding branding or maybe as a framed print, OR just to have printed on pillows, towels, throws, trays, anything and everything (don’t sit too still Kira).

This has become quite the undertaking as my perfectionist OCD side has come out with spacing and choosing the right lettering so I’ve had to find new fonts and borders and probably spent too much time fussing over it. BUT this is what I’ve been poking around with:

A formal one:

monogram design

A less formal one (everyday monogram anyone?)

monogram design 2

The standard one:

monogram design 3

As for making a print, I’m drawing inspiration from this:

ampersand monogram design

but with maybe a Darjeeling flair to it like on this wedding invitation from Minted:

Darjeeling style

And the real inspiration/lofty goal… A crest

I better start now…

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my love of design and typography

Any hints on designing monograms? And does anyone know where I can get a free laurel wreath design for one? The vectors I’ve found aren’t working out so well…


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