She deserves her own post

This is a Kira post so if you don’t like puppy pictures turn away now before its too late but then what kind of person would you be?? I have been fortunate enough to live with Kira for about 6 months now and have racked up some good pictures of her, many of them are her sleeping because that’s when she’s not bouncing off the walls. A lot of stuff is going on recently with moves and busy schedules so just to stop in and say hi real quick while things are in the works, I bring you puppy pictures of miss Kira who turns one soon.

puppy hasn't grown into her paws. or ears.

puppy hasn’t grown into her paws. or ears.


is this how you’re supposed to be?


always modest…


at least she doesn’t share pillows?


hi there.


did the bed shrink or did someone get bigger?


big girl bed for a big girl


determined to make it work somehow


it took the trail of toys that crosses the room but she’s out


saying goodnight to her dad


Success. Kindof.


And goodnight everyone


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