Vinyasa for Runners

I’m going to try a different kind of post here, so bear with me. This summer I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts and tried new techniques which have made me quite sore somedays. To counter all the pounding on the pavement and increased miles or just soreness from squats/lunges I’ve made up a vinyasa (or flow of yoga poses) that counter this soreness. If you claim to not be into yoga, well then call them stretches instead of poses and get over it. You can do it either the day of a hard workout or like me and do it the day after when your muscles are complaining about what you did to them the day before. All the images are from Yoga Journal online if you want to explore more.

Ok here we go:

Start with Full Sun into Chair pose and hold for 4-5 breaths and then back into Full Sun

Repeat 3 times

After the the third time take Full Sun into Warrior 2 (right foot forward) for 4-5 breaths

Warrior 2 into Revolved Side Angle (right hand next to right foot) for 4-5 breaths

Revolved Side Angle into a Low Lunge and hold for 4-5 breaths

Low Lunge into Plank for 4-5 breaths

Plank into Chaturanga

Chaturanga in to Cobra or King Cobra (toes curled under to lift legs off the floor), hold for 4-5 breaths

Cobra into Downward Facing Dog, hold for 4-5 breaths

Downward Facing Dog into Pigeon Pose, for 4-5 breaths

PIgeon Pose back toward left foot into Child Pose (but reach your arms out front for a better stretch), for 4-5 breaths

From Child’s Pose, hop into Forward Bend (if you can’t touch your toes, reach as far as you can but SUPPORT yourself either above or below the knee), hold for 4-5 breaths

Forward Bend into Full Sun

Namaste Y’all


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