Weekend Warriors

Ok I’m back in the game, back to blogging. With the weekend quickly approaching I have to share this past weekend. Jon’s stepdad came through Dallas and camped out on Lake Grapevine, so Jon and I took full advantage to get one more weekend of camping in Texas in before the heat cooks us. Summer is here and how do you spend summer days better than on the lake!

On the first night there were fireworks, random but enjoyed nonetheless. Fireworks always make me feel all patriotic and proud to be an American.

I have not mastered the art of taking pictures of fireworks yet…

Quick biology fact o-the-day while I have your attention: the different colors in fireworks are due to the different elements used. To get different colors just pack in the powder in the order you want them to appear, relative to the fuse that is.


Saturday boat ride… and living is easy

what summer is about

…and good company

Woodruff love

One of the calm moments when he was not covering us in love affection licks. Apparently he likes the salt. I had none left on my arm, hands, ankles and neck after the weekend. Best.Dog.Ever.

Hope you have a fun weekend! Wear sunscreen!


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