Compass Print

So a while ago, far too long, I decided to do a print of an old looking compass or the four cardinal points. Well it is finished! And I think it turned out great. I had the approval of the roommates and Jon after all the final touches so here it is!

I found this picture on a tumblr and saved it for one thing or another… turns out it was the inspiration for my print

the inspiration

so the work began…

original little sketch; multiple attempts at sketching it; then tracing paper; then finally transferred to linoleum ready to cut!

print is carved out and ready to go!

final compass print after cleaning up some stray lines

Right now I have a turquoise/teal color ink on white paper… any suggestions of other ink color/paper combinations that would look well with the print?

Also, the idea was brought up to put the print on a pillow… who knows how to do that?


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