Alternative Education

I think it’s because it’s nearing the end of the semester but I am really picking up on all this random information that my professors will throw out there in the middle of tangents or they think is relevant to the subject… Anyways I’m learning a lot that is not necessarily in the notes so I thought I would share with you some not-necessarily Biology facts of the day:

-if aliens came to Earth and took a census of all the organisms they would come to the conclusion that humans are not the dominant species on Earth at all but instead we are merely hotels for microorganisms due to their wide diversity and ability to live in/on us.

-don’t live above a mine in any former USSR sister countries or Russia because there are no safety regulations about this, so if the mine collapses so does your land, your house and you go down with it

-the last great American hero was John Glenn and the rest of the men who went up in space for the first times, the monkey who went up is not considered a great American hero

-the gut microbes in the Japanese have received genes from horizontal gene transfer that allows them to digest seaweed

-Bernstein means amber in German, so just think about the Bernstein Bears. Not a coincidence… Just blew your mind right?

-Google tracked the number of search terms relating to the flu and tracked the number of flu outbreaks 2 weeks before the CDC did… George Orwell said what?

-and most importantly, what I have learned from this semester is that science humor is filled with puns and pretty lame. I love it.

these should not make me laugh…


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