There is a good reason why people hate Mondays… They’re the worst day, I agree whole-heartedly. This Monday was terrible, so was last Monday but that I can blame on the not so courteous drivers of college station. But this Monday was lame: Jon’s now permanently up in Dallas, so I’m missing a half. I couldn’t get my half moon pose down in yoga. Geoscience today was taught by a grad student who didn’t talk. And 11 pages of Biochem homework. But enough of the bah-humbug attitude. What I came home to made the world of a difference, it’s the small things that can add up to take out a huge low of a school day.

First of all I started an herb garden for apartments, also for kids, 5 days ago. But I have a record of killing plants so why not start with something that is “Guaranteed to grow”. I need that guarantee. I will hopefully be growing cilantro, basil, and oregano. Just for reference: I killed an entire science fair project, some flowers, and one attempt at basil.

Nice and easy is the way to go.

patriotic too

my future baby plants

and look! germination has happened. the just might grow.

not sure if I should be concerned about the cilantro's lack of progress yet

what made Monday better: 2 calls from Jon and


aaaaand I have the Mad Men premiere to watch and a crossword puzzle and a an unfinished Sudoku puzzle to help keep me sane and happy. Hope your Monday ends on a high note!


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