Inks Lake, Texas

To kick off Spring Break the way we like it, we went camping at Inks Lake. It’s a state park with normal car camping and cabins and all that but Jon reserved us a primitive camping spot. Meaning we had to hike out to our campsite with only what we could carry. So we loaded down our packs with sleeping bags, food, camp stove and pots and pans and food, camelbaks for hikes, and our tent and tarp. We park and reserve spot #5. It’s already raining but we get all our stuff and start the 1.5 mile hike to our spot. I may or may not have been a grumpy bear due to the chair sliding off my shoulder and killing my arm the whole way there… With one wrong turn (my fault) we make it to the primitive spots and take one look at spot #5 and turn it down, it was pitiful and should not be counted as a spot. Just a warning, if you’re going to Inks Lake to camp do NOT pick spot #5. We take #4 instead, it had lots of trees and easy access to the creek. Set up of the tent and tarp go smoothly for being in a rush and everything being completely soaked. The tarp is one of the best investments for camping. See all our room!

Tent and tarp and chairs. Whole lotta room!

Night #1: camp pizzas found here from Backpacker magazine. Jon was trial 1 and the bottom got burnt but mine was delicious.

camp pizza with bisquik crust... made our camp smell like pancakes

Day 2: after a night filled with sporadic rain showers and a lightning and thunder storm at like 6… we picked ourselves up for a hike around the park. It totaled to be around 4 or 5 miles, plus a hike to the car and back. Typical Texas views: rock, cactus and wildflowers.

the trails we hiked

the state flower, the bluebonnet and in my opinion the state plant, the cactus

these infested trees were Jon's amusement on the hike.

aliens? or bored hikers? who knows!

trekking a southern mile (or two or three or four)

view from the top

thanks for the space gravity

a top lake view

...and the reward I got from taking that picture. An ant bite from the ants from hell. GIANT. RED. BITING. ANTS.

Ants are some of the lowest creatures that inhabit this earth. First are cockroaches but that’s a whole different story. Don’t even get me started.

Texas, my Texas

our state plant. looks good doesn't it?


After all the hiking and the working for our food (lots of energy spent) there was no better way to end the day than to climb up on a rock and watch the sunset set over the water and the Texas skyline. Once the stars came out, oh the stars, I swear I have yet to see a prettier sky. You can’t even see anything like that in Austin or College Station. But then the night came alive and we heard coyotes and we retreated back to our tent to cozy on up in our sleeping bags. The inventor of the mummy bag has my full respect.

the right way to end a night

All in all a successful trip. All the gear worked, including the water purifier (a leap of faith in itself) and the hike was well worth it. Thanks to Inks Lake for a great time!


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