My Kind of March Madness

MARCH IS UPON US! One step closer to spring/summer time when white and bright colors and sundresses and sandals come out from behind the sweaters and fleeces in the closet! March brings very good things. I love basketball as much as anyone particularly the Spurs (not in March Madness I know) but I also have my own kind of March Madness to look forward to:

March 12th – 18th : SPRING BREAK! We want to go camping in Texas and are considering Inks Lake, McKinney Falls, maybe Enchanted Rock again, possibly Big Bend. We LOVE camping. If you have any spots that you like feel free to share with us!

March 23rd: HUNGER GAMES! Can. Not. Wait. Over spring break I plan on doing a quick refresher read so I will be fully prepared to enjoy every bit of it.

March 25th: MAD MEN! It returns to us after a too long hiatus. We plan on hosting a Mad Men premiere night (got the idea from my mom) full of time period appropriate food and cocktails. Time to brush up on making Old Fashions for the Dons and Vodka Gimlets for the Bettys.

Probably one of my favorite pictures of them.

March also brings along with it a few round of exams and projects and papers for me and interviews for Jon. Here’s to a productive month! Let’s stay focused shall we!?


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