Biology Fact of the Day

I know you missed them.

On the first day of my Microbiology class, one of my professors decided to inform us that in fact there are ten times MORE microbes that are associated with our bodies (inside/outside) than there are cells in our bodies.

And that’s just the background information to the truly interesting fact. Get ready. You know how some people are more prone to be bitten by mosquitoes (Jon) while others are hardly ever bitten or not at all (me), well it all has to do with the microbes found on your skin. Mosquitoes are attracted to some kinds of microbes than others, making some people more appealing to the nasty pests than others.

Apologies to the many who are victims… I’m not sure if you can change your microbes, they may be more like family and not friends, stuck with the ones you get.

Because science humor can be funny...


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