Gruene, Texas

It’s pronounced “green” in case you have not lived in Texas long enough or not at all. It’s one of those names that gets a lovely southern mispronunciation to it if you’re not in-the-know. Like Guadalupe (guad-uh-loop), Manchaca (man-shack), or Bexar (bear) for example. Gruene is the town where my grandparents live and is a historic German town that is stuck in time; complete with a General Store, and an old wood dance hall. The shops that line the main street all sell basically the same things: antiques, homemade jams and hot sauces, trinkets and quilts and anything with Texas sewn on it but in the backyard of one is this really neat garden area that is overflowing with metal works and giant pottery and other ornaments. And you can’t miss the ginormous wind chime hanging from the tree. It’s one of my favorite places that has changed the least so I decided to share it with you:

please excuse my shadow...

and God bless your Texas home too!

all photos taken with the fratberry


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