Intergalactic Trip

A little past due… but Halloween weekend + Ghostland Observatory = amazing time.

Let me break it down for you, Ghostland can have kindof a strange group of followers due to their electro-indie music and then it was Halloween so everyone had a reason to go all out and dress up and go to Warehouse Live in Houston. On the way in, a guy dressed up as Stalin cut me in line, apparently even Stalin’s imposters are jerks! But the concert was definitely worth pushing our way through the crowd and dealing with some rude people, that’s life. Ghostland is by far my favorite to see live, especially with their light show. I have to apologize for most of my pictures are of the lights and Ghostland is just shadows… but you get the feel of the place right?? I wish I had got a picture of the grown man that tried to start a fight with Jon… he had a little too short of a temper to be at a concert with a bunch of excited (and younger) people. To transition from Sad Sad City it was time to “take an intergalactic trip” to somewhere new… the Silver City! He goes into this really long monologue about the trip, something about lights and travel and time… Anyways greatest intro to one of their greatest songs. And the keyboardist wears a Texas Flag Cape, no big deal, just has to represent his and everyone’s favorite state.

Ghostland Observatory

lights lights lights

so much energy on stage

it just happened this way... could not NOT post it

Go see them when you get a chance!


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