Weekend Warriors

HOWDY! I’m back and I have to do this post before this weekend kicks off so this blog will chronologically make sense. So October is great. It’s finally getting chilly here in C-Stat to bring in fall. Thank goodness. This past weekend was an amazing weekend! First of all, on Saturday was my cousin Chelsi’s wedding, which was absolutely beautiful, with the reception at The Zone of Kyle Field (Gig Em!), so much fun. I love weddings. Everyone is happy and everyone is all dressed up, and I love dressing up and I also love seeing Jon dressed up. Win-win-win situation. Thennnnnnnn Satruday night at midnight, I FINALLY turned 21. To ring in the big 2-1 friends and my family went to Northgate for my first legal drink! High-light of the night was obviously my mom doing birthday shots with me. She may deny it but it totally happened. Definitely a weekend to remember (and yes I remember it all). I got great presents too, not to brag, but Jon has great taste.

This weekend is going to be good too (2 weekends in a row!) because we’re going to see Ghostland Observatory!!! Pictures to come soon.

Happy Halloween Weekend Y’all!


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