What is going on here… Day 3

Call us old, call us party poopers or whatever you want, but by ACL Day 3, we were worn out, tired, sore, and feeling quite lazy, so we made it a nice and relaxing day. No rushing to the stage, no standing for an hour to see an artist, no elbowing people out of your view (I would never). It was all about bumbling around and sitting and laying down, just enjoying the music and getting some excellent people watching of Austin’s finest in. Started with Chiddy Bang, who I actually knew quite a few of their songs and never knew it was them, very enjoyable. Then we mingled our way over to Joseph Arthur for some impressive vocals and lyrics, definitely someone to look into. Saw a little bit of Gomez, but Amy’s Oreo ice-cream was the more pressing issue, then waited for Empire of the Sun. I don’t know where to begin for Empire of the Sun… I knew they were weird just by looking at their cover art and pictures, I like their music though, kinda like MGMT, but nothing could ever prepare me for what happened on stage… No idea what was going on and it distracted me from the music because I like a lot of their songs but I was confused… It was like a weird tribal acid-trip with sparkles and feathers and robots. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? So we left and caught some Social Distortion before heading out and going back to the lovely College Station. That wraps it up for ACL 2011 for us! Thanks Austin, it’s been fun!

Now time to recuperate.


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