Fancy Footwork: Day 2

ACL Day 2 was ridiculous. Started out with Young the Giant, then a loooooong wait for Skrillex (that was completely worth it despite no good pictures) and then ended the night with CHROMEO (lots of pictures). Young the Giant is so good live, the lead singer has a lot of energy and is all over the place, it made for a good show. Then, with a long wait before Skrillex, we saw the end of Alexander (who is good, need to look into them more) and then standing for an hour surrounded by middle-schoolers. It was full of bass, a quick tempo and dancing in the rain. Then we went to Chromeo, a much older crowd (thank goodness) and Chromeo is just entertaining all around, they had an awesome show. The glowing legs on the keyboards just tops it all off. This is where a dispute happens, I think Skrillex was the best show, while Jon thinks Chromeo was the best show. Agree to disagree. My legs are sore from dancing, that’s how much fun Saturday was.

Pictures and videos will come up when I get back home where there cord is (woopsies). Ready for Day 3!


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