Bow in the Presence of Greatness: Day 1

ACL Day 1! Success. We went about it the right way this time, learned from experience, and got CamelBaks. The wristbands are awesome this year, they made them fabric again! As soon as we got there we met up with friends at Cold War Kids, always good. Then spent time between Damian Marley/Nas and Foster the People before PRETTY LIGHTS! Pretty Lights is who I, personally, came to see. Lights, Bass, Beats, more lights, and definitely more bass. Next, hi-light of the day for Jon, KANYE! Kanye West lived up to his reputation. The show was broken into 3 parts and we were lucky because “you’ll never hear this many hits on one stage”. He put on a really great show with crazy dancers, lights, and all his biggest songs. Best part, when he closed Part II with ALL OF THE LIGHTS, Jon’s personal favorite, we stayed JUST to hear that one song and it was totally worth it. Overall Day I was good, we came halfway through and still got to see the people we wanted. Looking forward to Day II of this madness!

Pictures and videos to come soon!


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