Be Creative! B-E CREATIVE! Pt II

Do you know what enriches my life? The wonderful support I get from Jon, as seen in the title. Part II of Rachel and Jon’s End of Summer Fun consisted of going to the wonderful South Carolina, camping in North Carolina and visiting Grandfather Mountain which had a wildlife preserve and a mile high bridge! Let the adventures begin!

Our lovely campsite at Mama Gertie's

We had this really great campsite at Mama Gertie’s, it was surrounded on 3 sides for seclusion and no ugly views. Not too shabby.

Man vs Campfire

If you’ve ever had the privilege to go camping with Jon before, as I have, then I must say that he has made tremendous progress with campfires and had many triumphs on this trip.

Pocket Rocket and Camping Tools

Successful camping trip means cooking camp food. We got to test out the Pocket Rocket, and the pots and pans. They worked great and the camp food was actually good. One small mishap… a bee might have been drowned in Jon’s mac & cheese, by me… It came out of no where and liked mac & cheese, not my fault.

Magnetic Koozies from Half Moon Outfitters

Half Moon Outfitters in South Carolina has got to be one of my favorite stores now, it’s location is a little far for us in Texas but it’s still awesome. It’s like a small/local REI with tons of Patagonia and North Face and Marmot etc. Obviously having magnetic koozies puts them at the top of the list. We’ll be back for more.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

One day in North Carolina, we went to take a tour of the Biltmore Estate. This was once a private residence. Still privately owned by the Vanderbilt family, but they decided to share with the rest of the world the beauty of their family home. I would love to give you a history lesson on the Biltmore, but Jon is much more qualified since this was his 3rd or 4th time there much to his delight. Ask him about it. It’s a massive estate that is way way WAY much more than this mansion. Second time visiting Asheville and I have seen the Biltmore now.

Biltmore Lion

No mansion complete without a lion or two.

Rescued Caterpillar

Saved from being singed by the burning side of the campfire, we had a visitor at our campsite, although not quite the desired company.


So easy, a caveman could do it.


One of my favorite photographs from the trip… “Hike” = fight weeds that were taller than me a few hundred yards before giving up because that’s just not a hike, its North Carolina not the Amazon.


It It’s so green in North Carolina from all the rain (what’s rain? you ask, you must be from our Texas) that this just jumped out at you.

Mile High Bridge

Up on the top of Grandfather Mountain is the Mile High Bridge. And yes it swings. LETSDOIT.

Middle of the Bridge

Keep walking, it’s starting to swing and its scary.

On the Other Side

View of the Smoky Mountains

And the view is totally worth it.

Back Across

Quickly getting back across. No need to waste time suspended in the air.

Mildred the Bear's Habitat at Wildlife Preserve

Visiting one of Jon’s distant relatives

The Bear

This is the one that decided to get up from napping to say hello.

Otter at the Wildlife Preserve

Because what wildlife preserve/zoo would be complete without a friendly otter?


The very best at welcoming you back, from anywhere, including your room.

That completes Part II of the summer fun.


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