Museums, Monuments, and Memorials, Oh My!

Washington DC is one heck of a place, and I didn’t even get to see it all. It was my first time to in DC and I had the pleasure of being escorted around the city by Jon and his dad. We covered 4 of the Smithsonian Museums, Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument and 3 Memorials, in 3 days. Overall, a very successful trip and I got to be a huge nerd and tourist and didn’t feel one ounce of shame about it. I took A TON of pictures, like any good tourist would, but here are some of the hi-lights of the trip:

because everyone loves turtles

Ancient Turtle Fossil at the Museum of Natural History

this picture does no justice at all to the beauty of the Hope Diamond, it was stunning and I had to push people out of my way just to snap this crappy picture before it rotated again

Hope Diamond: Museum of Natural History

Another fossil, BUT this picture is too perfect. Giant fossil fish vs fishing shirt

Fossil Fish vs Fishing Shirt

2nd Smithsonian:

National Air and Space Museum

Sea Plane: Air & Space Museum

Now entering our 3rd Smithsonian. Jon got especially excited about this one, and he did in fact exclaim HI-HO!

HI-HO! First Overland Vehicle: Museum of American History

Jon and I both have a fascination with the war in the Pacific during WWII so I found this picture truly amazing.

Soldiers Wading through the Pacific Waters

Our hotel was in an amazing location, so we walked everywhere, including to the White House: grand, white, beautiful, armed, everything you hoped it would be:

Jon & I in front of the White House

Next stop: Washington Monument

Washington Monument

The WWII Memorial was really impressive and we made the rounds to all the states that were important to us: California, Colorado, South Carolina, and the most important, TEXAS! Gig Em!

TEXAS: WWII Memorial

One of my favorite photos due to the lovely symmetry that I am so fond of. Also the minimal appearance of people is a rare thing to enjoy.

View of Washington Monument from WWII Memorial

The ONE disappointment of the whole trip! The renovation of the Reflecting Pool… I was so ready to take more pictures and throw out a couple Forrest Gump allusions/lines, but no.

Reflecting Pool

One of the must sees, I thoroughly enjoyed the Lincoln Memorial, Jon had other thoughts: hotstickytiredhungrythirstycrowdedangry.

Lincoln Memorial

It was Sunday, so we didn’t get to go in the Capitol but I got LOTS of pictures, from every angle of the outside.

Jon and I in front of the Capitol

Another one of my favorite pictures from the trip, symmetry may or may not have something to do with it…

The Capitol

The Korean War Memorial was truly something to behold

Korean War Memorial

The most moving memorial. No cliches, not being over dramatic.

Vietnam War Memorial

One more depressing thing, we saw the Holocaust Museum and it is a must see just one time in your life. Okay done being sad. We also saw the National Gallery of Art, which is the 4th Smithsonian, the Treasury building, the Library of Congress, Ford’s Theater and a ton more just walking around. One of my favorite places to go: good company, good food, good sites and I can’t wait to go back again. This is Part I of Rachel and Jon’s End of Summer Fun. Part II coming soon.


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